Car Alarm Final Art.jpg


by V.V. Lightbody

Car Alarm

“Car Alarm” is one of those songs that I wrote in about 10 minutes, which is rare and maybe why it feels so good to play. It’s aggressive, but still has a humid “nap rock” feel. I wanted it to be like deep summer.

Engineered and mixed by Dave Vettraino in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Dan Pierson
Tracked at Decade Studios + Law of Ice Studios
Song and lyrics by V.V. Lightbody (Vivian McConnell)
Guitar & Vocals - V.V. Lightbody
Lead Guitar - Evan Metz
Drums - Nate Friedman
Bass - Michael Harmon

Single Art by Dan Asip
Photos by Rachel Winslow

June 7, 2019 released by Acrophase Records


Baby, Honestly release by Acrophase Records

May 13, 2019

Engineered and mixed by Dave Vettraino in Chicago, IL 
Mastered by Dan Pierson 
Tracked at Decade Studios + Law of Ice Studios 
All songs and lyrics by V.V. Lightbody (Vivian McConnell) 
Guitar - Evan Metz 
Drums - Nate Friedman 
Bass - Michael Harmon 
Flute - Emma Hospelhorn 
Vibraphone - Ryan Packard 
Harmonies - Ryan Whitney


Bathing Peach album Released on CD + Tape by Midwest Action
June 15, 2018

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All songs, lyrics, and flutes by V.V. Lightbody
Engineered, Produced, and Recorded by Dan Pierson in his apartment(piano on track 3 recorded at Minbal Studios)
Mixed by Dan Pierson and V.V. Lightbody in Sound Vault Studios, Chicago, IL


released June 15, 2018

Matt Carroll - drums on all except 4 + 9
Mike Harmon - bass on all except 9
Evan Metz - additional guitar on 4, 7, 8, 9
Dan Pierson - piano and analog synth on all except 2
Ryan Packard - vibes on tracks 1, 2, 3
Macie Stewart - violin on tracks 6 + 7, backing vox on 3
Sima Cunningham - backing vox on 3
Kevin Claxton - bass on 9
Daniel Villarreal - drums + shaker on 5
Tommy Trafton - piano and wurlitzer on 5
Peter Manheim - shaker on 3
Joshua Dumas - analog synth on 7

Photos by Rachel Winslow